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Animattronic Remixes Five Iron Frenzy's "It was Dark and Stormy Night" Becomes band favorite. 

 Five Iron Frenzy started a Remix Project not too long ago and I thought I would give it a shot. With in a few hours, Brad from FIF messaged me to let me know it's his favorite remix so far and was going to show it to his producer!
   They recently just posted this on they're facebook page. So excited! I will admit, I only own one song from Five Iron Frenzy. Mostly because my sister is the biggest fan I know, and has all their Albums, so if I've listened to FIF, it was through her. I'm still a big supporter of the band. I'm glad to see them back.

New Album from Animattronic - Armatures Originally released March 1st 2012 Animattronic has spent 2 years creating new tracks for this album. Experimenting with more cinematic/film driven electronic rock.

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