Celldweller - Lost in Time (The Making Of) 

This is part of the original storyboard created for the Celldweller Lost in Time Music video. It was originally going to be just a lyric video, but that changed. 9 months later, a full blown music video was born. The biggest challenge was the scope of the project, as the song length was over 7 minutes long.
This is was taken from an image sequence for the UI screen the Overseer character used.
Here are more designs and test shots of the low poly characters.


Scifi Drone Concept - Helmet 

I started a new character concept. This will be a character where I'll be exploring methods and workflows, so there will be plenty of mistakes on the way, but I hope to learn a lot during this process. I started with a really rough sculpt of the character, separated head for refinement and then added details. I did a quick material render using Octane Render, The model still needs to be UV mapped, but I'll wait till I finish the rest of the body.

Celldweller - The Art of Lost in Time



Stegomechs - Formation

Stegomechs - Formation

Creature & Character Design Studies

Flixflyrender final 002
Zombus 06
Zombus 03
Androidalibot 002s
Creature charx 02
Speed sculpt with Zbrush. Textured with Substance Painter.
Creature Design Study 
7 hour process

Creature Design Study 7 hour process

Celldweller - Dreamcatcher Breakdown

Dreamcatcher helmet wireframe
Dreamcatcher helmet breakdown