From the recording Brace for the Dread (EP)

Lyrics & Vocals by Johnny Guy


Silence (Wrong Think)
Written by Johnny Guy

I'm surrounded by a sea, of thoughts,
I wrought, can I break free?
And just when I look to the skies,
dark forces arrive for my demise.

(Pre Chorus)
We were united,
but now we're divided,
I felt weak and faithless,
naked and faceless

Ahead of the game,
There's no one else to blame,
but me, see, I'm never gonna be the same,
I'm facing this reality,
chasing the enemy,
so get out your fangs,
I'm ready to fight,
and end it with a bang.

I've got an army in my arsenal,
my mind is my weapon of choice,
I will not be silenced, among all this violence,
I fight for my right to have a voice.

I used to run in fear,
it felt so cold like the end was near,
I don't know which is worse,
betraying my way, or constant thirst .

I'm coming out of my hiding place,
time for them to get a taste of the human race.
it's time to get them out of my zone.
This ain’t won till the war is won